Cyber Security in 2017

By Aditya Patil (Senior Consultant - Cyber Security & Digital Marketing, Futurx Labs)

The web is increasingly becoming a source for cyber criminals to create new attack vectors for carrying malicious activities. With increasing systems and networks coming online we are even more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Security has to be prioritized further with teams having to reinvent their strategies and start thinking like the hackers. It is advisable for organizations to be aware of impending cybersecurity threats in the year 2017.

What goes together? Happy workforce and long lasting companies

By Alok Kumar (Consulting Partner - Business Strategy & Globalization Futurx Labs) & Anamika Sharma (Principal Consultant & Chief Psychologist Futurx Labs)

The average lifespan of a company listed in the S&P 500 index of leading US companies has decreased by more than 50 years in the last century, from 67 years in the 1920s to just 15 years today, according to Professor Richard Foster from Yale University. This study focusses only on listed companies in the US but prominent unlisted businesses and family managed business houses probably may fare much better.

Why be digital leader and talent master?

Ever since organizations were created, they were by the people, the investors, for the people, the customers and run by some people, the managers. The first Industrial revolution that started in late 1700 and spanned across for more than one hundred years, gave birth to automation. Machines replaced work done by people in their homes to mass production, done by power driven machines. Production of Iron and textile was the major focus fuelled by the invention of steam engines. Transportation, banking, and urbanization improved with this change. This revolution created a lot of jobs and improved living conditions of masses while it also increased urban poor who lived in poor conditions but earned their living in these factories and was primarily focussed in Britain.

Workforce of the fourth industrial revolution

By Kesavan Srinivasan (Principal Consultant - Digital transformation & Technology innovation Futurx Labs)

If we were to believe the futurists like Robert Goldman or Mike Walsh or hundreds of analysis done by industry leaders and advisors, we are looking at a new industrial revolution that will be more disruptive than we have even anticipated so far.

Know your Amphibians

By Shriram Viswanathan (Principal Consultant - Customer Experience & business delivery Futurx Labs)

Technology is stepping in to solve things everywhere. New ways of solving business problems are springing up across the globe. Most of them are evolving and some of them are ripe enough too. Businesses are trying to evolve but are faced with a big dilemma. What areas should they focus on first? Do you want to add some digital to your business or do you want to rebuild your business with digital at the core?Most businesses try to do the former.